For years, people have turned to HydroTraxx for handling some of the toughest off-road applications in the world.  Recreational customers find our impressive performance and reliability a worthwhile investment. Commercial venues see HydroTraxx as a cost effective solution enabling them to expand their range of work, thanks to its versatility.

Innovative Design

HydroTraxx is well-known for its fully hydraulic drive system. Other drive methods are not only prone to fail in off-road applications, but maintenance becomes a frequent and expensive hassle. Our hydraulic system is proven to handle the shocks and stresses associated with operating off-road.  Because each wheel is independently driven by a hydraulic motor, fluid absorbs impacts where mechanical linkage, such as chains and gears, often wear or break.

Superior Quality “World class product for world class customers”

See why more people are looking to HydroTraxx for work and play. Combining high quality components with advanced technology, HydroTraxx puts value and customer satisfaction into your investment.  From the choice of engines to the strength of the frame, quality itself is a ‘built-in’ component.   

Perhaps one of the most overlooked factors when choosing an ATV is the amount of maintenance.  The last thing you want to do after a day’s work or a weekend ride is work on your machine.  Time spent with your machine should be enjoyable and profitable.  This, yet again, is another attribute reflected in our product. 


With customers operating in nearly every climate and terrain, we recognize the importance of reliability.  We feel that whether your use is recreational or commercial, you should be able to rely on HydroTraxx with confidence.   That is why we have gone the extra distance to be able to mention the facts listed above.

Another benefit of HydroTraxx is zero-turn radius.  Steering is smooth and infinite with the ability to reverse the wheels on one side while the others remain in forward motion. This also eliminates the need for down-hill braking, giving the operator full control.

HydroTraxx provides improved stability in water. Partly contributed to its wide-track design, amphibious applications are handled with agility and peace of mind.

The HydroTraxx may also be custom-built. Some customers need specific accessories and can special order from the factory.  For advanced modification, ask about our Specialty Vehicle Program.

Amphibious All Terrain Vehicle
HydroTraxx Amphibious ATV

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HydroTraxx Amphibious ATV

HydroTraxx - Amphibious ATV